“Elastic e-learning for everyone”


MameKen is a free, easy self learning service for a businessperson.

The number of shipments of iPhones, Android Smartphones and tablet exceeded PC in the United States in 2013. The use of Smartphones and the tablet has become common in our daily life.

We started our activities in Japan, so that might provide the simple service that will give free e-learning style for every office worker by using Smartphones and the tablet. We want to achieve interchangeability easily under any learning conditions.

The feature of MameKen is the following three.

Mobility as a top priority

We want same e-learning environment between PC and mobile phones, at household and at commuting time of days. We do not want different application or URLs for different surroundings. We will offer only simple, responsive contents.

Correspondence between the methodology and actual business

The quality of content is our advantage. The contents presented by MameKen are developed by specialists of top IT community. An additional update will be done at any time while keeping the pace with the change of global information technology environment.

Lowest price

An overwhelming low price (the price of MameKen’s digital contents are 1/10 of the paper book counterparts) is achieved by limiting it to the offer of digital contents. It is priced that became possible because it is offering the learner contents directly to the readers and that do not pass the middle distribution channel.

Customer Support Center:

If you have any questions about our courses and services, please contact the Customer Support Center:
E-mail: admin@mameken.com

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Customer Support Center hours: 24 hours online. East Standard Time, Monday-Friday by admin@mameken.com